Personalized, memorable, stylish, and romantic wedding ceremonies tailored to each couple with Life-Cycle® Certified Wedding Celebrant

Dr. Phillip Sprayberry

Cityscape Celebrant offers personalized wedding ceremonies to contemporary couples who are looking for a unique ceremony that reflects their tastes, backgrounds, culture, and desires in New Jersey and New York City. Couples who wish to choose a non-traditional, non-denominational officiate for their wedding will find a tolerant, thoughtful, and creative celebrant in Dr. Phillip Sprayberry. Combining your story, your dreams, and your passion, Dr. Sprayberry will create a ceremony that will be the perfect memory-maker for your special day.


Cityscape Celebrant


Whether simple, formal, informal, adventurous, romantic, or spiritual, your wedding ceremony should be defined by the personalities and backgrounds of the couple.

The special feeling of marrying the one you love does not happen by accident. It requires input from the couple and communication with the celebrant to create a team that will create a marriage ceremony that is uniquely yours.


Why not meet me in person for an absolutely no-obligation chat before making any decisions? Use the contact page to introduce yourself and arrange a consultation.


Dr. Phillip Sprayberry has a broad base of experience that informs his work as a Life-Cycle Certified Wedding Celebrant. His background includes more than twenty-five years in education as a teacher and professor of music, theatre, and communication, as well as a second career in public relations. Sprayberry received a bachelor of arts in music education from Lipscomb University and his master’s in musical theatre from New York University. His doctoral degree was earned at Drew University’s Caspersen School.




The celebrant will happily meet with the couple to discuss your personalized ceremony and will be available to the clients all of the way to the wedding day.



Research is essential in creating a tailored ceremony. Locating the perfect, poetry, prose, rituals, vows, and music to support your wishes, culture, and background requires time and talent, but these elements define the personalized ceremony.



Your celebrant will coordinate with your wedding professionals (wedding planner/director, musicians/DJ, photographers, videographers, venue staff) as necessary to make the logistics of your wedding day run smoothly.



The celebrant will meet with the couple and the wedding party as necessary to rehearse the ceremony before the event.



The celebrant will officiate the ceremony on the wedding day.


Keepsake ceremony

A beautiful keepsake ceremony booklet is provided to the couple to enhance and support the memories of a special day.  



The celebrant suggests ceremony elements and optional rituals to enhance the


Included in every wedding:

Your story—your journey becomes part of the ceremony

Wedding vows (write your own or I can write them for you)

Ring vows (write your own or I can write them for you)



Elements to consider:



Special music


Rituals to consider:

Blessing stones

Sand ceremony

Hand fasting/Hands ceremony

Unity candle/Memorial candles

Bell ringing

Breaking the glass

Ring blessing/warming


Based on the above services, the fee is $500 for weddings within a 20-mile radius of Passaic, New Jersey.

Southern New Jersey and New York City weddings are $600.